About the Landesverband


     The National Association of the Danube-Swabians of the United States was established in Brooklyn, New York, on September 28, 1957.  The attending members were from Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Trenton, Detroit, and New York.  The representatives approved its constitution and by-laws of the organization.  At this first legal meeting, all the officers were voted in by the attending delegates.  Peter M. Wagner of New York was voted in as the first President.

     The organizations basic objective, at that time, was to assist the new immigrants from the Danube-Swabian areas of Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Romania into their new homeland of the United States.  The association would help to assist these immigrants with the life and customs of the United States and help people in different regions to become United States citizens.  Many immigrants needed assistance with war restitution, family unification, pensions, and disability payments.  The association gave people in the different regions of the United States a sense of community and assistance toward integration to enrich their lives.

     The common bond they formed was to retain their culture and language and to pass it on to their children.  This is now the main function of the sixteen organizations that form the Verband.  We no longer need to help immigrants but still provide a sense of community, family values, and we still strive to enrich our members lives with our traditional wealth of our ancestors culture.


Presidents of the organization:


Peter M. Wagner

Christ N. Herr

Josef Rickert

Theo Junger

Adam Medel

Leo Mayer

Robert Filippi